Last meet before mid test

Yesterday is our last meeting in english course before our midterm exam in this semester. Each meeting in english course for me is more like a puzzle, unpredictable, but i said it again, i liked it. Because i like challenges, thrilling but exciting. Hahaha.

At that meeting, we are reviewing the lesson that we've learned at previous meeting. we tested one by one, so we called one by one too based on our card attendance. I  listened one by one question that is provided to my classmates, easy but sometimes difficult, until it was my turn, that's enough to make me pounding. But, i've thinking about my answer, not good enough may be. In fact that is the best answer that i can give at that time, it's okay. In the end, i realize that i was not quite ready to face the midterm exam. So, i must prepare my self harder than before. I'm still less to memorize  about synonyms, and definition of a word.

And this is what i create to prepare my self, just a little for now.

Adopt = …

I Can’t Imagine Life Without Internet

my second meeting in American Corner UNTAN

Friday, march 24, 2017. Second meeting at american corner. At this time we were instructed to form a small discussion group that consist of two persons. This is not the first time for me, but i actually still feel nervous. But it's okay, i like it, because i like challenges. hahaha

Evi Tamala is my partner in this task. We make a conversation about "international robot competition". this task train our ability to create an english conversation.

And, the result is :

Work in small groups, make a conversation about an international robot competition. Decide the purpose, discuss the features, describe appearance, give a name of the robot you willl make !!
An International Robot Competition Dian    : Hi Evi,where do you want to go? Evi       : Hi Dian, no where, just walking arround here. Dian    : Wait a moment,i have something to discuss with you. Evi       : Okay, what’s up? Dian    : In this month, there is a biggest event in our country. An international Robot Competition. Do …

My Skills

Hello, welcome back. Thursday, march 16 ᵗʰ  2017, finally we meet again here. In this occasion I will tell you about my skill, all about it. When I was child, became an architectural is my big dream. I loved art. Painting and drawing is one of my hobbies. In primary school, arts subject are subject that I will always wait every week. Yup, that just because I was liked it so much in that times. But, at the moment I do not seriously doing my hobby, and made me not so good at it. Time keep running, until I was in university, I’m starting to like making something that I have described on paper into a real form in 3D. Many stuff that I’ve made at that time, sometimes I can get some money from it. But, once again I felt like a failure, there is no progress, simply because there is no seriousness to do. In college, I had limited time to do my hobbies, the tight schedule of lectures, and many activities of the organization that I do, is a good reason for me. By the way, do arts is not the only …

first meeting task in american corner

Unit 4 : Robots in the home
Look at the picture : The image show us about a husband and a wife. A husband who is reminded by his wife about health problem he suffered.
wife        : "The doctor says, you need to exercise more." husband  : "Don't worry, i just bought a great new robot to help."
Obesity he sustained required him to do an extra exercise at home, but he is a lazy man, he actually relax and watch a footbal match in tv, and instructed the robot to do his exercise.
1. Critical Cartoons. A. Warm Up         Work with a partner or in small groups. Discuss the questions below.
1. How many electronoc devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them! Answer : I've used at least nine electronic devices, there are a smartphone, television, laptop, computer, refrigerator, rice cooker, washing machine, air conditioner, printer, fan, camera.
2. what activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do? Answer : There are many activiti…

writing about why i continue my study to university level?

Why i continue my study to university level? That just a simple question, as simple as that. But hard to answered, hard to describe. I was made a long long story to achieve this level, to be on this current situation. Do you wanna to know the story? let's find out.. Seven years ago.. Shortly, when i've graduated from high school, that is the best day ever  happened to me at that time. I can't explain how it feel, i just feel very happy, happy with my self, proud of self achievement. Long day before, deep in my mind i've been thingking about how i will continue my education into the next level in university. Since i was in junior high school i always have ambition to be an architecture, because i love drawing, i love design,i love art. That only the reason what i wanna be. So, with no doubt i have decided to enroll my self into the college, and i choose department of architectural engineering in first choice and civil engineering in the second. A few weeks later i heard t…