english course in this week (watching movie at classroom)

Watching movie in the class for the first time. akeelah and the bee, sound foregin for me, but we must watch it because there is a task to do after the movie. So, we enjoy it.
Question according to the movie : 1. Who is your favourite character in this movie? Why do you like him/her? Answer: Akeelah Anderson. Because, she completely is a humble person, kind-hearted, talented, other than that, she can spread goodness to others.
2. What is your favourite scene? What has that scene thought you? Answer: My favourite scene is when akeela keep learning without his spelling coach, and she get a thousand teachers around her, it start from her mother. She get her spirit back, and get support from every people. I can thought that there is always a solution to every problem we've face, when we do not despair and always try to do the best as long as we can do.
3. Mention at least ten words in spelling with their definition from the movie! Answer:
 - Fortification = Defense buildings, shelter during t…

Ask an Expert

This time i would like to write and share about my frind, Arie Pamungkas. We were friend since first time in college, he is my classmate.

Arie like drawing,one of his concern is face sketching. A couple days ago i took time to interview him and talk about his hobby.

me   : Hi, Arie.
arie  : Hi, Dian. How are you?
me   : Fine. Are you busy now? Because i need a little talk with you.
arie  : That's so? I'm not busy at all, what's the matter?
me   : I want to ask about your hobby on drawing. since when you started drawing?
arie  : Hahaha.. I like drawing since i was a child, sometimes i made it on the wall, but there was a time my mother bought me a drawing book. Not a good idea to make the wall dirty, right?
me   : Hahaha.. yeah, that's right. Butwhat kind of object do you like to draw?
arie  : I like drawing character, my favourite was kamen rider. Sometimes, i draw human figure. But as a child, it just a simple mark and circle.
me   : Then, when you start drawing face?

video task 1


Last meet before mid test

Yesterday is our last meeting in english course before our midterm exam in this semester. Each meeting in english course for me is more like a puzzle, unpredictable, but i said it again, i liked it. Because i like challenges, thrilling but exciting. Hahaha.

At that meeting, we are reviewing the lesson that we've learned at previous meeting. we tested one by one, so we called one by one too based on our card attendance. I  listened one by one question that is provided to my classmates, easy but sometimes difficult, until it was my turn, that's enough to make me pounding. But, i've thinking about my answer, not good enough may be. In fact that is the best answer that i can give at that time, it's okay. In the end, i realize that i was not quite ready to face the midterm exam. So, i must prepare my self harder than before. I'm still less to memorize  about synonyms, and definition of a word.

And this is what i create to prepare my self, just a little for now.

Adopt = …

I Can’t Imagine Life Without Internet

my second meeting in American Corner UNTAN

Friday, march 24, 2017. Second meeting at american corner. At this time we were instructed to form a small discussion group that consist of two persons. This is not the first time for me, but i actually still feel nervous. But it's okay, i like it, because i like challenges. hahaha

Evi Tamala is my partner in this task. We make a conversation about "international robot competition". this task train our ability to create an english conversation.

And, the result is :

Work in small groups, make a conversation about an international robot competition. Decide the purpose, discuss the features, describe appearance, give a name of the robot you willl make !!
An International Robot Competition Dian    : Hi Evi,where do you want to go? Evi       : Hi Dian, no where, just walking arround here. Dian    : Wait a moment,i have something to discuss with you. Evi       : Okay, what’s up? Dian    : In this month, there is a biggest event in our country. An international Robot Competition. Do …

My Skills

Hello, welcome back. Thursday, march 16 ᵗʰ  2017, finally we meet again here. In this occasion I will tell you about my skill, all about it. When I was child, became an architectural is my big dream. I loved art. Painting and drawing is one of my hobbies. In primary school, arts subject are subject that I will always wait every week. Yup, that just because I was liked it so much in that times. But, at the moment I do not seriously doing my hobby, and made me not so good at it. Time keep running, until I was in university, I’m starting to like making something that I have described on paper into a real form in 3D. Many stuff that I’ve made at that time, sometimes I can get some money from it. But, once again I felt like a failure, there is no progress, simply because there is no seriousness to do. In college, I had limited time to do my hobbies, the tight schedule of lectures, and many activities of the organization that I do, is a good reason for me. By the way, do arts is not the only …